Get a better return on your investments

Is your mortgage paid off?

Do you have a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

Are your RRSP returns disappointing you?

Become the bank. Be the lender. 

Scared of losing your money? 

You’re not investing in some overseas ponzi scheme. These are real properties that you could walk through (should you choose to).  Your money is secured in tangible investments with people who excel at what they do.

You’re investing with professionals. It’s not just me. I couldn’t do this alone. You’re investing with a team of people who do this every day. We love real estate! We’re invested. Our money is hard at work for us in our own properties. When you partner with us, it’s in our best interest to make sure you win big on every deal.

So be the bank. Email us:

rei (at) joelarndt (dot) ca

Use the Subject Line: Be the Bank.

Then tell us a little bit about what you’re hoping for:

  • A better use for your RRSPs?
  • Something profitable to do with the equity you’ve built up in your home?
  • Are you hoping for consistent, annual returns (rentals), or short term investments that pay you a mix of flat fees and interest payments (fix and flips)?

So let’s connect, set up a time to go for coffee, and find out how much more money you can make by becoming the bank.